Quad City Singles 40 Plus Bylaws

QC Singles 40 Plus Bylaws
This document establishes a basic structure and manner of operation for the Quad City Singles, Inc.
Board approved: 11/15/2006     Rev: 1/08/2017

Quad City Singles 40 Plus Policies

Personal Respect
This document defines membership interaction
Adopted 6/14/2004

Operating Rules and Solicitation
This document defines meeting agenda items, their actions and solicitation
Adopted 7/26/2004

Complaint & Appeal Termination of Membership Policy
This document defines Process and Procedure
Adopted 7/18/2005

Photography Policy
This document defines photograph usage for our website
Adopted 11/2/2006

Non Member Policy
This document defines Non Member privileges
Adopted 7/11/2007

Members Who Encourage Inappropriate Non Member Behavior Policy
This document defines consequences of inappropriate behavior
Adopted 7/9/2007

Membership Dues Policy
Adopted 10/8/2007