"I was at a time in my life that was full of stress and isolation when (a former member) took my under his wing and convinced me to join the club 4 years ago. I have had all good experiences since then and thank the club for bringing me out of shyness and introducing me to a whole new world. "
Kathy, Davenport
"I started with the group a couple of years ago and really enjoy all of the different activities and people. It's nice to meet up and eat or talk with no pressure to couple up. Friends are important. "
Sue, Davenport
"I've enjoyed all the outings and activities provided by the club. My husband and I were always very active in so many clubs and social activities and joining the QC Singles 40+ is a very enjoyable group to belong to for me. I plan to be a life long member."
Sharon, Davenport
"It is great having activities to do with other singles on a regular basis and to feel part of a group of wonderful people. "
Jayne, Davenport
"It adds a lot of single people to my circle of friends."
"I have done things that I have not done for years!!! Dancing, volleyball, canoing, bowling. I am having the time of my life!!! Great fun, great people!"
Lynn, Davenport
"I was looking for adult conversation besides coworkers, and found a whole great circle of friends. This is much more important to me than I ever imagined!"
Chris, Davenport
"I started looking into the Quad City Singles group in Feb of 2011 by dropping in on one of the Tuesday dinners. I was looking for activities to do with people my own age and was tired of staying home as much as I was. What I found was a very open and friendly group who accepted me and included me in any of the Singles Group activities going on which I wanted to participate. I can honestly say that I have met people who I believe will be life long friends. "
John, Coal Valley
"Love this group. Lots of fun hanging with them and especially kayak during summer. (test testimonial)"
barb, clinton